sábado, octubre 04, 2008

Teacher-Training Curricula for Media and Information Literacy Report

The UNESCO´s international Expert Group documents for teacher training curricula worldwide are available at the institution webpage.


Those documents prepared by the experts are a model in teacher-training curriculum on media and information literacy to integrate media education and information literacy in the initial training of teachers at secondary school levels, and will be designed for application and adaptation worldwide, according to the needs of each country. The framework will assert the desired competencies of teachers in this field and will focus on raising the awareness of youths in using information and media.

The documents of the meeting, including the final report, are available at the UNESCO´s portal Here

Making the Most of the Media Maze: Media, Children & Literacy

A special presentation by Dr. Faith Rogow, media literacy expert.

Young children are immersed in media: TV, DVDs, games, cell phones, iPods etc. Learn how to use the power of media in effective ways while enhancing early literacy and critical thinking skills.

***Registration required. RSVP to the e-mail address listed below.

Brought to you by KQED Early Learning.

Faith Rogow, PhD
The founding president of the National Association of Media Literacy Educators (NAMLE, formerly AMLA) and a twenty-year veteran of media literacy education, Dr. Faith Rogow has trained thousands of teachers, students, childcare professionals, parents and media makers to understand and harness the power of media.

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Media Literacy Call to Action 3

This assignment is from Lisa and Carla, please see or email them with questions.

This weekend, look at the newspaper, magazines and other printed publications at your home. Choose a printed ad which is targeting children or teenagers. In essay format, deconstruct the ad. Answer the basic deconstruction questions and identify the tools of persuasion utilized in the ad. Finally, comment why this ad appealed to you and if you think the ad is convincing or not.

Your essay needs to be about 1 page in length, double spaced, 12 point font, Times Roman or Garamond with1 inch margins. Cut out and mount ad on construction paper. Hand in ad with your essay. This is due by our next class on Oct. 10.