lunes, febrero 26, 2007

Ficher de pensadores clave sobre Media Literacy: Dr. Peter DeBenedittis

En esta ocasión les comparto la ficha del Dr. Peter DeBenedittis, uno de los gurús de la Media Literacy, he aquí un brief de su currículum. Si desean saber más pueden visitar su sitio con información muy valiosa sobre el tema:

Dr. Peter DeBenedittis is dedicated to creating a cultural revolution around media.

This website contains research, information and educational materials about how media literacy is used for science-based prevention. It is a contact point for engaging him and other experts in media and prevention for keynotes, student presentations, training, curricula design and consultation for prevention initiatives. Peter D. speaks to more than 50,000 students and trains thousands of educators each year, with clients ranging from schools and colleges across America to state health departments and professional organizations. The pull-down menus above list topic areas and audiences with which Dr. D. and his team of experts work. Please visit the presentation samples to view our speakers, and check our calendar to check the locations of our engagements and availability for your event. Seminar participants can download handouts.

Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.

"I see a culture formed around humanity's hearts and desires, not manufactured by commercial greed. I see media and entertainment that expresses, enriches, and enhances, rather than teaches compulsive debt, substance abuse, violence and risky behavior because there is profit in it. I see a world where everyday people have the power to shape their culture because they have access to the information and communication venues upon which democracy depends."

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