lunes, febrero 26, 2007

Fichero de pensadores clave sobre Media Literacy: Jim Mothersbaugh

Información sobre Jim Mothersbaugh

"Road Radio USA" is an hour-long multimedia educational "technique" that blends light, sound and visual projections. It is a "live radio broadcast," with student and teacher participation a key part of Road Radio's "two-way" communication. The assembly touches on the consequences of destructive behaviors and teenage misconceptions around alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Questions are asked by students who "call in." What begins as a fun presentation ends with every eye riveted on the stage as Jim Mothersbaugh's powerful message comes across loud and clear.

Jim is someone who knows first hand about making bad choices. As a high school senior, he and three friends were involved in a drinking and driving accident that killed one friend and left him in a coma and paralyzed by a broken back. He experienced a miraculous physical recovery; however he will have to deal with memory loss, fatigue, lack of organizational skills, stress and the psychological consequences for the rest of his life. He knows too well how teenage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use can mess up a life.


Recipient of the Pennsylvania Governor's Alcohol Highway Safety Award. Sponsors have included: Children's Miracle Network, Geisinger Health System, SADD, MADD, and Allstate Insurance. Jim has presented Road Radio for more than a decade to more than a quarter million students.

"On behalf of the 1120 students of the Abington Heights Middle School, I would like to thank and compliment you for your Road Radio assemblies. We have had other programs that combined musical entertainment with a meaningful message, but your program was the most effective that I have seen."
--Edward R. Kairis, Principal.

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