viernes, febrero 23, 2007

Video: Beyond the Frame

Serie de entrevistas que analizan la posición y uso de los medios bajo un enfoque crítico. Pertenece a una serie de video que circulan en la red donde se trata de analizar la función social de los medios y su posición ideológica.

(This DVD compilation offers a series of stand-alone interviews with some of the most prominent scholars, experts, and activists in political and social thought that critique mainstream media's coverage of the war on terrorism. This accessible format is designed to allow educators to bring the voices of these cultural analysts directly into their classrooms.

Launched in September 2001, Beyond the Frame is a series of interviews with leading scholars, experts, and activists offering alternative perspectives on the 9/11 tragedy and its aftermath. Originally a web-only project, the interviews were(and continue to be) available free of charge via streaming video through MEF's website. The project was a response to MEF's alarm at the dangerously restricted range of views presented by the mainstream media, largely confined to the opinions of political elites and a commercial frame dependent on advertisers and ratings.

Featuring some of the most prominent names in political and social thought, the site has been accessed to date by tens of thousands of people seeking alternatives to mainstream media coverage in a post-9/11 world. Created in response to educator requests, the DVD will allow these interviews to be shown in the classroom.

Featuring Interviews with: Seth Ackerman, Belquis Ahmadi, Joan Blades, Maliha Chishti, Noam Chomsky, Jo Commerford, Kevin Danaher, Cynthia Enloe, Henry Giroux, Janine Jackson, Robert Jensen, Sut Jhally, Darryl Kimball, Michael Kimmel, Mhahsa Khanbabai, Naomi Klein, Manning Marable, Mark Crispin Miller, Bernie Sanders, Ritu Sharma, Vandana Shiva, and Alisa Solomon. )

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