lunes, febrero 12, 2007

Educar para a geração digital

Their Space - Education for a digital generation é o título de um estudo que acaba de ser publicado em Inglaterra pela agência Demos, da autoria de Hannah Green e de Celia Hannon.

Algumas conclusões do estudo:
"The baseline finding from our research was that the use of digital technology has been completely normalised by this generation, and it is now fully integrated into their daily lives. The majority of young people simply use new media as tools to make their lives easier, strengthening their existing friendship networks rather than widening them. Almost all are now also involved in creative production, from uploading and editing photos to building and maintaining websites. However, we discovered a gap between a smaller group of digital pioneers engaged in groundbreaking activities and the majority of children who rarely strayed into this category. Meanwhile, contrary to society’s assumptions about safety, this generation is also capable of self-regulation when kept well informed about levels of risk. Finally, many children we interviewed had their own hierarchy of digital activities when it came to assessing the potential for learning. In contrast to their teachers and parents they were very conscious that some activities were more worthwhile than others. All these young people have something in common – they all use technology in a way that in the past would have labelled them ‘geeks’. But they are not all using it in the same way. Our research has pointed to a number of different user ‘types’, which we use throughout the report".

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