domingo, marzo 04, 2007

Video: "CAMOUFLAGED" a film by People's CORE YMAP Youth

Camouflaged presents a probing look into the diverse perspectives of youth on the issue of military recruitment in schools. High school students, members of Military Explorers (a J-ROTC program), and anti-military recruitment activists engage in thought provoking discussions ranging from class issues with recruitment, the US motivations for war and occupation in Iraq, forces that drive young people to join the military, to the costs of war -- the lives of young American soldiers.

RESOURCE AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE FOR YOUTH - This program offers a 6-month training on social documentation and digital media for high school youth with support from the Community Technology Foundation of California. This program also provides leadership development training and education on gang prevention, environmental health, reproductive health, and substance abuse prevention. As an integral component of youth leadership development, youth involvement in community service projects are integrated into the trainings.
Youth Media Arts Project (YMAP) * Youth Capacity Building Project

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