sábado, marzo 10, 2007

Video: Dreamworlds 2: Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video

Since its release in 1991, over three million students and others have seen Dreamworlds. Updated in 1995, Dreamworlds 2 combines powerful imagery from some two hundred videos with incisive narrative to educate viewers on the impact of sexual imagery in music videos.

Dreamworlds 2 addresses, more powerfully than any other tool available, the impact of pop culture on how young men and women see themselves (and each other) in terms of sexuality and gender. Shocking and often disturbing, Dreamworlds 2 allows its viewers to reflect critically on images which have such power precisely because they have become so common. By making their gendered messages clear, Dreamworlds 2 robs those images of their unchallenged power. (more)

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